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More than 60 years’ experience

Mollificio Padano: flexible and detail driven

Specialised quality spring manufacturer since 1960, Mollificio Padano has become a byword among a growing circle of customers in Italy and on the international market.
Our solutions provide customers with a series of products designed to deliver the maximum levels of performance and strength..

"We are dedicated to our industry.
Dedicated to driving constant growth in demand for our products,
to making products of recognised technological excellence
and to the daily business of our organisation,
a workspace where we all work together to ensure top level results."
Mollificio Padano Giuseppe Neri


We guarantee care and respect for all our stakeholders. We are committed to working with the maximum diligence and precision, incorporating our core ethical values throughout our business operations



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Choose a reliable partner for your industrial microspring requirements: call our plant directly on +39 0546 622 331 for a quote.  

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  • Via Ramazzini, 8 48018 Faenza (RA)
  • +39 0546 622 331

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